We're just a few car enthusiasts like yourself, frustrated by the lack of quality information offered by other local online search engines. We built sho'fr to strengthen and educate the individual vehicle communities that have offered so much to us over the years.


Who are we?

Preferring mud and gravel over pavement, this outdoorsman has taken CJs and TJs well off the beaten path. Having perfected the Jeep wave from behind the wheel of his '86 CJ7, Will is excited to bring sho'fr to the Jeep community. His past work experience includes over four years with a Fortune 500, leading the marketing group of a manufacturing company, launching a magazine, and filming rock bands.

After 38 years in sales and marketing, Eric was a natural choice to provide the backbone of customer relations at sho'fr. His first car was a '67 Camaro which also means he's a natural at hanging out the tail of live-rear-end cars. Today, he uses the all-wheel drive of his Impreza 2.5RS to ensure all the power sticks to the ground. Whether it's sales forecasts or long-tube headers, you'll find him on the phone chatting with customers across four time-zones.


Help Build a Community!

A community is only as strong as it's members. We've taken the first step by offering comprehensive listings of specific products and services in select cities. Now it's up to you to help make this an invaluable resource for other enthusiasts. If you've had any experience with a company, head to the ratings and & review area and tell everyone what you thought of their service. Your review will help others make an educated decision the next time they go to choose from one of the listings.


Your Car, Your Town.

Finding quality products and services for your beloved car shouldn't be a gamble. We know you'd rather be driving than hunting for the best body shop, or the best prices on parts. That's why we've created a one-of-a-kind, online, local search engine that brings you detailed information about the service shops in your area. You can see what services each company offers, information about their specialties, read reviews of others who've used the company, and of course get directions door to door with Google Maps.



If you've thought of something that could make sho'fr better, we'd love to hear from you! Send us your

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